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Our company considers itself as an comprehensive service provider for information technology targeting small to middle-sized companies and private individuals.

At this our field of activity reaches from planning IT requirements to realization of those requirements, technical service and IT training to individual solutions for special and individual problems in the area of information technology.


Corporate identity


The central focus of our company activity are the needs of the customer.

In this context is a clear, simple and transparent formation of our services very important to us. The "fog of mystery" often surrounding the information technology does not exist in our company. We rather are striving to include our customers into our projects and provide them with a maximum of information and training.

For the implementation of the wishes of our customers Tobias Meuschke IT applies a combination of proven technology and the newest innovations. Proven technology ensures in this concept solidity and stability. By using those proven standards, extensibility and upgradability will be guaranteed to maximize the operating life of an IT infrastructure.

The use of newest technology ensures the "keeping up" with the technological progress. More efficient procedures, more versatile fields of application or compatibilities, higher capability or simply a more attractive appearance are only some advantages of such "state of the art" methods.

The combination of these technologies joins innovative performance with steady stability.

The activites of this company are financed by the customers. They can therefore claim to get a maximal performance for their invested money, or respectively get their required output with a minimum of costs. Customers money is not to be wasted.

Only in fair and trustfully dealings with the customer on every level a long-term customer retention can be achieved.


Corporate history


The company Tobias Meuschke IT was founded in march 2005. Owner is Dipl. Wirtsch.-Inf. Tobias Meuschke.


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