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Especialy in the complex area of information technologie it is often difficult for a person or small company to see the whole picture. Even if you employ as a company your own IT departement, it often has to rely on external competence.

In any case you will need a competent and reliable partner, that supports you with his special knowledge in the field of information technologie.

Tobias Meuschke IT offers its service as such a partner. Contact us (f.e. via e-mail) with a specific request.

The following items are a rough summary of our services :

Assessment of your information technologie (IT) requirements

Whether it are computers, software or networks - to determine your real requirement of IT systems isn't always an easy task

* How have your computers to be equipped?
* How manny computers do I need anyway?
* Which software is needed? Are there perhaps (lower-priced) alternatives?
* What are the requirements for the network?

Those and further questions determining the capability - and the price of your systems. If you choos a too small system, you might face bottlenecks in yor IT capability and you will need expensive upgrades. Oversized systems anen't any better - they cost you money right away (in requisition and running).

Only an specially on your needs tailored solutions gives you an good cost/use rate.

Also in questions of replacement strategies (keyword lifecycle) and replacement dates we would like to offer you our knowledge.

Realization of your IT requirements

Once you figured out your requirements, other questions tend to pop up.

The equipment hast to be procured or manufacturedn. Installation, running, service and maintainance has to be settled. Also the question of repair and replacement has to be answered.

Are those tasks to be performed by a service provider - or by yourself (resp. your employees/departement)? Advantages and disadvantages of these options need to be considered carefully.

We not only can help you with theese decissions, but are also providing you with our services in the area of
sale, technical support, software, training and webservice .

Creating solutions for specific problems of your IT

Whether you want to store, process or analyse data - with our extensive special knowledge we are prepared to assist you in all tasks concerning data and information.

Combination of different data processing systems, data exchange / migration between systems and auomatisation of procedures are only some examples of our service offer.

Also in questions of IT structural design, structual optimization and IT strategy we are prepared to support you in any possible way.

Supporting your IT departement on specific problems

Even a IT departement of a company sometimes needs external assistance. May it be an extension of professional competence or a simple capacity bottleneck - Tobias Meuschke IT supports your experts advice and actions.

Questions? Just write us an e-mail or call us by phone: +49 (0) 170/4106512

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